Wedding Trends 2012

Rent My Dust has been doing a bit of research for our brides to see what the new trends will be for 2012.  We are excited to present you a few that we think would be awesome incorporated into any vintage wedding or reception.   And it goes without saying the Vintage is still extremely popular.  From the theme wedding to the traditional wedding, you will be seeing Vintage elements.  We hope you enjoy this as much as we did putting it together for you:)


1.  COLOR:  Tangerine Orange!

Color is such a wonderful way to bring charm to your wedding.  This year we are seeing orange or Tangerine mixed with load of other colors like navy, pink, gold, and red.  We love orange and hope to see lots of it in the future:)

Photo from:

Photos from Ducky Bob's




2.  Incorporate Color into your wedding gown!

Colored wedding dresses!!!  Yes, we have seen some of the most beautiful wedding dresses this year that are done in very soft colors.  We adore this idea and do not see why brides can not wear color cause it is her day.





















Photo by acclaimed photographer Tim Walker by Beautylish

Photo from Bride Chic, gown by RS Couture




3.  Florals:  Go Natural ~ Go Green

Yes, we see lots of nature and green in the future.  Not just the color green but going green.  We also see lots of florals that are potted or succulents that will go on and live even after the wedding is over.  We love this idea:)

Photo from OneWed

Photo from Bouquet Bridal



4.  Photography:  PHOTO BOOTHS

There are so many different photo booth ideas out there today.   Be sure and ask your photographer if they incorporate a booth into their wedding package.  If not, there are so many amazing photo booths available.  We always hear raves from guest anytime there is a photo booth around!

Photo by Junebug Company

Photo by Nine Photography




5.  Dessert Bar

From candy to lemonade to ice cream, the dessert bar is here to stay.  We adore it and love using our vintage decor to enhance any Dessert Bar.  Here are a few that we found that we feel in love with.  There are tons of amazing ideas for them on the internet.  The sky is the limit!!! 

We just love this vintage themed dessert table with the girls of Swanky & Sweet and Tinywater Photography


Icecream Dessert Bar by:




6.  Themes are in!

Themes are in again for 2012.  Whether it if 1920s Jazz Era to Rainbow almost every wedding has a theme.  It is fun to come up with a theme with your fiance.  It is also fun to incorporate your on style or heirlooms into your special day!

Photo by NBarret Photography






7.  Ornate Aisles

We are huge lovers of the ornate aisle.  It is a way to bring color and excitement into your wedding.  Just look at these amazing aisle runners.  They can be elborate or simple but each make a statement of what is to come.  

from:  Yumsugar



from:  Pretty Little Wedding




8.  Ombre

From Wedding Cakes to Bridesmaid dresses we are seeing lots of Ombre.  We adore it and know that will be be perfect for the romantic vintage wedding. 

Photo by NBarrett Photography

from:  Belle The Magazine

From ~ Green Wedding Shoes




9.  Rainbow? 

Yes, we have found a wedding trend that we didn't even know about.  That is RAINBOW!  I remember the rainbow bridesmaid dresses of the 1970s.  I was in one!  I adored them then and now they are back.  Check out these photos!!!  What do you think?  Let us know.  We adore hearing your thoughts!  We are so excited about what 2012 and if we haven't meet, I hope that we do in 2012!

Source:  Lela New York Weddings  +  BFab Events

 Source:  Brooklyn Bride