Shelby + Chad = Hickory Street Annex Vintage Mismatched China Wedding


Rent My Dust was so excited to see these photos from Shelby & Chad's vintage wedding at Hickory Street Annex by Elizabeth Carol Photography.  Shelby rented our mismatched china and vintage furniture for her special day.  Central Market did her flowers.  Hope you enjoy this beautiful photos as much as we did:)  Love the mismatched china!!

Video by Grayson Reed

Chad + Shelby from Graysen Reed on Vimeo.

Rent My Dust Vintage Lounge Area's for Your Wedding!

Rent My Dust is doing s series of photo shoots with our vintage furniture in order to show our customers how well each of our piece work together.  This first collection of furniture are mainly our pinks.  Do keep in mind that we actually have even more pinks and different color combinations that would work with these pieces.  This is just all the photos I could take in one afternoon.  Our lounge area photos will be displayed online in our LOUNGES section under "MY DUST".  Be sure to notice the different accessories used with the furniture pieces like our gold tables and some of our shabby white tables.  Pillows and throws were also used to make the areas more inviting.  Furniture used in this collection were, Priscilla Pink Sofa, Marie Antoinette Chair, Ruby & Roxy Parlor Chairs, Dorothy Pink Settee, Rosy Sofa, Blue Belle Chair and several different trunks and small tables.  Feel free to comment below and let us know your thoughts.  Thank you:)

Here are some other items that would also go great with these seating lounge areas. 

1.  Trixie Blue Chair

.2  Blush Arm Chair

3.  Fancy Emmy Chair 

4.  Fancy Bench

5. Pink Velvet Chair

6.  Rachel & Rodger Tan Vinyl Chairs

7.  Wooden Sofa

8.  White Fainting Couch