Kathy + Thanh = Romantic Floral Wedding by Love & Sparrows

Kathy + Thanh = Romantic Floral Wedding by Love & Sparrows

Rent My Dust is so proud to present the wedding reception of Kathy + Thanh.  You will adore all the lovely floral touches from the elaborate head table right down the the flower dance floor.  We were so excited when Angel with Love & Sparrows contacted us to be a part of this beautiful reception.  You can see our vintage china on the head table along with furniture for the buffet area.  Huge thank you goes out to Angel and to Cristina Wisner for sharing these beautiful photos with us to blog.  

Vendors Team:  Planning & Flowers, Love + Sparrows  Events/ Venue, Sixtyfivehundred/ Photographer, Cristina Wisner/ Video, Cuong Dinh video / Rentals, TLC Event Rentals & Rent My Dust/ Makeup & Hair, Q the MUA/ Caterer, Andy’s Catering, Christine Gian/ Food Truck, Yummy Pizza Pizza Truck & Ssahm BBQ Korean tacos/ Wedding Cake, Paris Bakery Wedding/ DJ, RLF Society/ Band, The Midnight Beat Vietnamese.

Below is a photo of the lounge area that Rent My Dust provided for Kathy and Thanh's wedding reception.  Photo by Rent My Dust


rent my dust pink lounge area sixtyfivehundred.jpg

Rent My Dust Wedding Candy ~ Dessert Buffet featuring Vintage Turquoise Desk!

Yay Candy!!!  Rent My Dust loves the trend of having a candy buffet table and / or a dessert bar at a wedding reception or any party that you want to add a touch of whimsey and a little bit of fun!  Nothing will bring a smile to your guests face like seeing that awesome candy bar for the first time.  You can make it as pretty as you want it and as colorful as you dire!  We have been to many events where the guest were piled around the candy or dessert bar just like little kids. 

Today we bring you photos from a recent styled photo shoot with the amazing Nine Photography.   We asked them to take these photos with our new vintage turquoise desk.  This awesome desk came all the way from New York City to Texas and we just love it's bright turquoise paint.  We took one look at it and fell in love and just knew we had to use it for a colorful display.  Then we thought, why not a colorful wedding?   We believe it will be a perfect addition to any party or wedding.  Check out our vintage red cash register.  You can even fill the drawers with candy.  The sky's the limit!  Special thanks to Ginny from Jagad Designs for sharing her vintage scale with us and to Jamie from Creme De La Creme for the darling pink cake and cupcakes. 

Rent My Dust Vintage Rentals, LLC is the first vintage rental company in the Dallas, Fort Worth area to supply vintage rentals.  Please email us at rentmydust@gmail.com for more details!