Kelsey + Seth = Cross Timbers Winery Wedding

Rent My Dust loves vintage weddings!  We love also adore Cross Timbers Winery located in our own hometown, Grapevine, Texas.  It is perfect for that small intimate wedding.  We meet Kelsey and her Mom that wanted to rent our dress forms and we were delighted to find out that they were going to be using them for Kelsey & Seth's vintage wedding to hold the vintage wedding dresses of the past.  What a great idea!!!  We always encourage our brides to think out of the box and put their own personalities into their wedding day.  We think Kelsey did just that.  Hope you enjoy these great photos from Nadia at June Bug Company

Our sweet bride, Lindsay and her Mother's Vintage Wedding Dress

In this world of vintage rentals we meet brides everyday.  All of our brides are awesome and we are so very blessed.  On occasion there is a bride that just seems to touch your heart like no other.  That is what our vintage bride, Lindsay did the moment we first meet her.  She is not only beautiful on the outside but even more beautiful on the inside.  We became fast friends.  Then she told me that she was wearing her Mother's own wedding dress from the 1980s.  I thought that was so amazing.  What bride actually does that anymore?  None that I know of.  Then the brand name of the gown came up and she said it was a Fink.  I had to laugh because my very own wedding dress was a Fink.  Then low and behold, Lindsay saw a photo of myself in my wedding dress and she said, you and my Mother have the very same wedding gown!!!!  Of course I couldn't believe it that in this huge world, I would find a bride that would be wearing her own Mother's gown and that gown just happened to be my wedding gown.  What are the chances of that?  I would venture to say that the chances are very slim. 

Last weekend was Lindsay's wedding where she married her very best friend, George.  It was a magical wedding and reception.  In the middle I had to take a moment in time to just stand there with tears in my own eyes as I looked at Lindsay and thought she was one of the most beautiful brides that I had ever seen.  And to top it all off, I got to live vicariously through Lindsay's Mom and enjoy seeing her daughter walk down the aisle in a wedding dress exactly like my own.  What a treat that was for me.  A memory that I will always cherish.  So of course today I had to share some photos of Lindsay in her gorgeous vintage "Fink" wedding gown.  And I hope Lindsay doesn't mind but I also had to share a photo of myself in 1982 getting married in my own "Fink" gown.  Thank you to Lindsay and her Mom Jacqui for sharing this awesome day with me.  It is a day I will cherish a lifetime!

Special thanks go out to Stephanie Rose Photography for these amazing photos of Lindsay!