Sweet Maternity with Grapevine Texas Photographer Angela Wynn

We love it when photographers share their amazing photos with us.  Here is a few sweet photos from Angela Wynn Photography of a special little maternity session that she did with our vintage pink velvet chair.  Hope you enjoy!

The Martell's Maternity Sessions by Ben Q Photography!

Sometimes at Rent My Dust we get so busy that we miss out on some of the most beautiful photos ever.  That is the case with this beautiful maternity session by Ben Q Photography with the Martell family.  We meet Jenny and Eddie Martell a couple of years ago when they did a bridal session with one of our chairs and just fell in love with their work.  They are the awesome husband and wife team of Jenny Martell Photography.  When they rented our pink chair we knew that the photos would be beautiful because they are just beautiful people inside and out.  And low and behold, Ben Q Photography did their photos.  What an awesome combo!!! Here are just a few of those lovely images.  We are so proud and so thankful that we could be a small part of their magical day.