The Pittsinger Family Photo Session with our Vintage Bed!

Have you ever done a photo shoot on a vintage bed?  Well the Pittsinger family has and we smitten with each and every photo!  Amy Pittsinger is none other than photographer,  Amy Barry Photography!  She wanted to do a special family session with her sweet family using our vintage metal bed.  We were so excited!!!  Amy's photographer, Vanessa from Contemporary Portraits found the perfect location that also included a very old barn.  Oh boy, we were so excited:)  It is such a delight for us to work with such talented photographers and these photos are so very awesome! Huge thank you to Vanessa and Amy for allowing me along for the fun!!!


Hannah's Outdoor Boudoir by Apryl Ann Photography


Sometimes Rent My Dust gets to go on the most awesome photo shoots!!!  Yes we do!  Sometimes we cry when we see beautiful photos using our "dust".  This totally happened!!!  We were so blessed that Hannah wanted to rent our vintage metal bed for her boudoirs.  I can't remember but I think I talked her into letting me bring the gold fainting couch too.  And to make this boudoir even more perfect, her photographer was Apryl from Apryl Ann Photography.  Then we got to go to one of my favorite hidden spots and it was a glorious day with oh so pretty light making a perfect outdoor setting.  Then topping of the perfect day was the gorgeous flowers from Bows + Arrows.  It doesn't get any better than this!!!  We are so in love with these photos:)  Huge thank you to Hannah for allowing us to stand guard for her and to Apryl for sharing her photos with us:)