Dallas Vintage Senior Portraits by Lindsay Horn Photography

Rent My Dust loves Senior Portraits because they can be so fun and beautiful too!  Today we bring you these totally awesome photos from Lindsay Horn Photography.  Rent My Dust was so honored that Lindsay chose our vintage rentals to use in her own sister, Chandler's Senior photos.  And as you can see, they are stunningly beautiful and have that certain sparkle!  We were ready to beg if needed to bring them to you.  The styling was done by Vanessa of Butterfly Sparks.  A HUGE thank you to Lindsay of Lindsay Horn Photgraphy for sharing these with us.  Our vintage items used, red shipping trunk, quilt top, and record player.  We can also provide a vintage chandelier and record albums. 

Those amazing Seniors 2012

Wow!  Rent My Dust has never paid to much attention to Senior photos before this year, but recently there have been lots of vintage rentals in the mix.  Our first Senior is named Lyndsey.  Her Mom contacted us and wanted to rent our "Virgil" Clavier Piano for her daughter's photo shoot.  It took a while of getting the shoot together because of the rain.  I told her that our "Virgil" was not as heavy as a real piano but it was still heavy and cumbersome.  But she still wanted to rent him which was very exciting for us.  You see Virgil is from New York and came this way via a horse and wagon in the late 1800s and he doesn't make a sound.  Most would find that disturbing but He is perfect for photo shoots.   Now Virgil was on another big adventure.  This time to downtown Fort Worth on the side walk and up on a roof top!  I must admit that these are truly some of the most beautiful photos I have ever seen.  And to think our Virgil was in each one:)  Special thanks goes out to Keri Duckett Photography for these awesome photos. 

Next is our group of amazing Seniors is via a rocking photographer named, Lindsey Miller Photo.   We meet Lindsey through our niece who took photography classes through her.  We were so excited when Lindsey wanted to rent one of our vintage couches.  As you can see from the photos below, they turned out amazing!!!  A huge thank you goes out the these Seniors for being such awesome models on our newest rosy couch.  Hope you enjoy!