Nascar Asphalt Circus Commercial with Tony Stewart 2012

**We're in a commercial!**

Nascar Asphalt Circus Commercial with Tony Stewart 2012

Rent My Dust is more than excited to have our Rosy Couch included in a Texas Motor Speedway Nascar Asphalt Circus Commercial featuring Tony Stewart.  Be sure to check out the video below from Youtube for more behind this scene action! 


 Behind the scenes shot.


Krista's Gorgeous Outdoor Bridal ~ Brant Smith Photography

You are going to love this gorgeous bridal photo shoot from Cedar Hill State Park!  Rent My Dust got to know Krista through email this spring and finally go to meet her and her sweet family when she came to pick up our Rosy Couch.  We fell in love with her right away and just knew her bridals were going to be amazing!  Add in the extremely talented, Brant Smith from Brant Smith Photography and WOW!!  Of course when we saw them we cried because they were so beautiful.  We love how the couch enhances the photo and doesn't take away from how beautiful Krista truly is.  And her dress is the die for!!!  Hope you enjoy these as much as we truly cherish each and every one of them.  A huge thank you to Krista and the Brant Smith:)