Retro-Glam in Hyper Color by Kristin Banta & Laura Grier

We don't normally re-blog anyone else's work but.......  Since Rent My Dust loves vintage color, we thought we would share with you this amazing Retro Glam styled shoot featured recently on Modele Weddings by Kristin Banta of Kristin Banta Events and Laura Grier of Beautiful Day Photography.  It is a bit over the top for most brides but I think you will see that sometimes color and vintage do go together!  Hope you enjoy!



"Modèle Weddings thanks Kristin Banta of Kristin Banta Events and Laura Grier of Beautiful Day Photography for producing such a gorgeous shoot.  See it in print nationwide at Barnes & Noble.

“Staged in Hicksville, a “TRAILER PALACE” hidden deep in the desert scrub near Joshua Tree, miles from the paved road…it was here that we created the set for what was designed to be an all American scene, staged in a “POST APOCALYPTIC” desert setting (think Mercury, Nevada bomb test site), styled as retro-glam in hyper-color."

As the scratchy old radio played Loretta Lynn on repeat, the set echoed an over-saturated, cloying, over-the-top 1957 scene. The bride is celebrating her perfect day, her perfect husband, her perfect fantasy life.

Heavy-handed, blown out hues – you can almost taste the saccharine cherry pie and intentionally cliched props setting the stage for our protagonist to celebrate her dream moment.

Oblivious to her surroundings, she poses in exaggerated domesticity while around her time and life has been shattered. It’s Mad Max 30 years earlier and she’s the last hold out of a forgotten life. She serves and preens, desperate to fulfill the role.


Slowly she winds towards emancipation. The fantasy starts to unravel. The idealism fractures, and by the end of our story she casts off the foisted role. Screw him. Screw this.

She tears off her chains to the obligations of the past, turns to face the future and realizes it’s too late.

“Life is not perfect. We are unapologetically imperfect women in imperfect times still in pursuit of our perfect unions.”

Modèle Weddings acknowledges and thanks the following talented vendors for their contributions to Retro-Glam in Hyper Color:

Makeup – Tara Dowburd-Luftman of Make-Up Therapy

Hair – Stephanie Ovalle of Make-Up Therapy

Florals – Carly Cylinder with Flour LA

Chairs and Props – Archive Vintage Rentals

Tabletop Rentals – Casa de Perrin

Linens – La Tavola

Cake – The Butterend Bakery

Pies – Porch Pies

Dress – Dolly Couture

Dress Alterations – Leah Bauer

Apron – Two Design Divas

Mannequin – Bob Gail Special Events

Model – Pauline Van Valin