Monday's Treasures

Rent My Dust hasn't been out and about at sales lately so we haven't had many treasures to blog about.  Today we bring you some awesome finds that we are proud to introduce to you.  We got two gorgeous Victorian arms chairs.  The first would look awesome in a wooden library because of the brown velvet fabric and the tufted wooden buttons.  The next is a fancy Victorian Parlor chair with arms.  Notice the sweet pink velvet covered buttons below the seat in front.  These are both show pieces that you will adore and want in your next photo scape.  Along with these treasures we bring you one of our sweet wooden tables perfect for adding a little extra to you photo.  We have even more vintage radios for you.  The large one is a "Buddy Boy", with a repwood cabinet.  I have to admit it is a looker.  The smaller one is a "Scotty" toaster battery radio.  My husband wanted to cut the cables off but I said no.  A cool vintage military candlestick microphone plus some small vintage lamp shades round out the lot.  Not pictured we also got more vintage apothecary jars, medicine bottles, and pop bottles to be featured at another time.  Let us know your thoughts about our newest arrivals.