Carly's Gorgous Bridal at the White Sparrow Barn

Carly's Gorgous Bridal at the White Sparrow Barn

Rent My Dust vintage rentals and props is so happy to bring you the bridal photos of gorgeous bride, Carly today.  Carly was so excited to rent our pink Priscilla chair for her bridals at The White Sparrow Barn.  As you can see they are stunning!  Carly, you are one beautiful bride!!  Special thank you to Pagye from Pagye Stevens Photography.  We are certainly smitten with each and every photo!  

If your a bride and rent from us and want to have your bridals on our blog, please sent the photos to  Thank you Carly for sharing with us:)  




Chuck E Cheese Video Props from Rent My Dust!

Excited!!!  Rent My Dust is happy to share a few video stills from the Chuck E. Cheese Summer 2014 in house videos seen all over the United States at local Chuck E. Cheese restaurants.  If you look really close in the videos you can see our vintage "dust" in all forms behind the puppets from suitcases, to clowns, to furniture, window frames and much more.  Remember, Rent My Dust is not just for weddings.  We have tons of vintage for each and every occasion!  

Be sure to check out this video for more details and special thanks to Mr.ChuckNcheese at YouTube for this video and our still shots: