Vintage Wedding Trends for 2013

Rent My Dust did an blog post last year about the wedding trends for 2012 so we wanted to follow up with a blog post for 2013.  Many of the same trends do apply for this year but some more have been added.  (I never did get to do that orange tangerine wedding in 2012 so maybe it will be here in 2013.)  We have done our research and think you will love the Trends for 2013.  If you have a moment, tell us what your favorite trend is or what you would like to see in 2013.


2013 Wedding Trend #1 ~ Mint!  Mint green and just about any other color green will be big in 2013.  Just look at these photos and you will see why!

photos from Wedding on the French Riviera



2013 Wedding Trend #2 ~ Sassy Skirts & Prints for Bridesmaids!

Darling prints will be all the rage for bridesmaids this year along with the more modern sassy skirts.  You will see printed skirts, striped skirts and bold hot colored skirts!  We so love this trend!!!

photos from Green Bride Guide


2013 Wedding Trend #3 ~  Patterned linens & runners for your awesome one-of-a-kind table decor.  We think patterned linens go great with our very own mismatched china and vintage decor!

photo from Event Pros


photo from Bridal Guide


2013 Wedding Trend #4 ~  Vintage Weddings! 

Yes, anything and everything vintage will still be popular for 2013. 

photo from GodFather Films


photo by Stephanie Rose Photography


2013 Wedding Trend #5 ~ Unique Backgrounds and Backdrops

Rent My Dust happens to love this amazing trend!  Many of our own favorite vendors have done this and we hope that more of our own vintage items will be used as backdrops this year!  Be sure to tell us what you think.

photo by Ben Q Photography

photo by Nine Photography


photo by Apryl Ann Photography


2013 Wedding Trend #6 ~ Boudoir Photos ~ Special Photo Shoot just for Him!

The photos tell the story and why it is so popular with brides and their grooms.

photos by Girls On Film


2013 Wedding Trend #7 ~ Colorful Wedding Cakes

Yes, wedding cakes with color are going to be popular in 2013.  As are handpainted cakes! 

photo from Wedding Party

photo from Bridal Guide


photos from


2013 Wedding Trend #7 ~ Colored bottle Abound!

Colored bottle are replacing milk glass in popularity this year.  We are so glad to see more color in vintage tablescapes.  How do you feel about colored bottle? 

photo from Pinterest

photo from All Things Girly & Beautiful

photo from Style Me Pretty

Photo from Pinterest


2013 Wedding Trend #8 ~ Hand painted bride and bridesmaid shoes!

photo from Love by Maranda Marie

photo from Green Wedding Shoes

As you can tell COLOR is the theme in all of our 2013 wedding trends.  Rent My Dust loves this trend and hopes it goes on for a long time.  Be sure and check out our trends for 2012 because many of those trends are still extremely popular.