Hand Painted Shoes Wedding Tread!

Rent My Dust  simply adores bright colored shoes for the bride on her wedding day.  Why shouldn't she wear something breathtaking on her special day that shows even more of her personality?  Plus it adds so many more photo opts for the bride.   We also adore the newest wedding trend of hand-painted shoes.  We are unsure who started this trend but we have been watching Figgie Shoes for quite some time and we are so in LOVE with them.   Here are a few examples of their amazing shoes.

As you can see Figgie's are gorgeous!  So if you are wanting a one-of-kind shoe for your wedding day, be sure to check them out.  Or if you are an artist or just don't have the buck to buy an original Figgie, think about doing them yourself.

We also know an amazing photographer by the name of Stephanie Rose that recently did a wedding for an amazing couple and the bride hand-painted the shoes for the weddings as gifts to her own bridesmaids.  Now we realize that not everyone can do this but take one look at these amazing photos from Stephanie Rose Photography