Life's Little Coincidences or little gifts from God!

I am always amazed how fun life can be sometimes.  How very small this world is even though it is so very big.  If you ask my kids, they would tell you that their Mother doesn't believe in coincidences.  They would say, Momma believes that everything happens for a reason.....or should I say, little God moments!!  Well, I meet this amazing photographer named Ivette or I should say her friends call her Ivy from Poizzonivy Photography.  She wanted to rent our fainting couch and a radio for a mini shoot she was having before Christmas.  We connected right away and I just thought she was super cool!  Of course I ask her to send me some photos of her shoot when she was finished.  Low and behold I recognised some of the people in her amazing photos.  One beautiful family was the Aunt and Uncle to our very own son-in-law, Nathan.  We were so delighted!!!  Luckily, Ivy sent me some of the photos from that amazing day just last week.  I just think they are the sweetest photos.  I hope you agree!  Each time I look at them I remember that life is full of gifts from God or little coincidences that make us smile and warm our hearts.   Here is the LaMonica Family!

Here are some other amazing photos from that same Christmas mini that I just adore.  Thank you Ivy from Poizzonivy Photography for sharing:)