Welcome To Wonderland ~ Alice in Wonderland!!!

Who isn't enchanted with the fairy tale, Alice in Wonderland?  Today we bring you an amazing styled shoot from our friend, Britney Benedict at Tucker Images.  Britney inspires us!  And we think she will inspire you with this amazing photos.  We do especially love the blue china that she used because Rent My Dust actually has those same cups in our inventory!  Small world!  Maybe one day we will be able to do a styled shoot together but until then, we will keep posting her photos for you to enjoy! 

Reblogged from our friend, Britney Benedict at Tucker Images!!!

Welcome to Wonderland

Here lately I've been trying to challenge myself creatively. I absolutely love the Disney trend that I've been seeing in the photography/styling world. Tucker Images will be doing a series of "Fairytale" themed shoots throughout 2012. With the help of my good friend Ashlea, it's sure to be a beautiful and fun journey. I, personally, can't wait :)

First up, one my of favorites of all time, Alice in Wonderland. Ashlea fit the bill perfectly! I've been photographing her for years and when I cooked up this idea I knew she would be absolutely amazing in the part. She's ridiculously pretty :)

A big thanks to our grandmothers, moms, and friends for letting us use their beautiful treasures. Also, a double big thanks to {Mrs} Lisa for getting me these precious bunnies! {Mr} Coco and {Mr} Walter were so precious and fun to photograph. My sweet dog, BJ, just didn't understand why she couldn't keep em.

Stay tuned for more from the wonderful world of Disney!

See Britney Benedicts work at:  www.tuckerimages.blogspot.com