HELLO VIRGIL! Our 1892 Practice Clavier Piano for rent!

Hello Virgil! No, I didn't name him after my Father, Virgil Miller.  This 1892 Practice Clavier Piano is named VIRGIL.  He is from New York and came this way via a horse and wagon many moons ago.  He would travel by buggy or wagon and teach piano lessons.  Unfortunately, Virgil does not make a sound.  He never did make a sound.  Kinda sad if you ask me for something that looks like a piano.  Even though Virgil does not make a sound, he is portable and even though heavy, he can be delivered to you for a photo shoot or reception and is sturdy enough to stay out in the middle of a field for days on end.  So if you are looking for a vintage piano and have a hankering for a photo shoot outdoors, Virgil is waiting for a new adventure!