Tuesday Treasures!

Tuesday Treasures from Rent My Dust Vintage Rentals

We are so excited for this Tuesday's Treasure. We went to the most fabulous sale last week in Ryan Place in Fort Worth. It was one of those sales that only happens once a year or maybe even once a lifetime. The lady was an antique dealer at one time and she lived in one of those gorgeous huge prairie houses from the 1910's or 20s. This house had so many rooms that I doubt if I made it in all of the rooms. I had spied this chair online first and thought that I would never be able to own anything this pretty.   Low and behold, when I got there, I was the first person up the stairs and in the room and guess what?  There was a matching pair of pretty pink chairs.  At first I thought I would just get one of them but then I told myself that I would never ever happen upon a prettier more girlie chair. So both came home with me.  I think they are going to have to be my 29th wedding anniversary present to myself. So if you want to rent them, I may or may not let you.  You have to pinkie swear to me that you will take good care of them. Did I mention they are FRENCH and PINK VELVET?  You will love them almost as much as I do. I promise:)