Tuesday Treasures!!

Tuesday Treasures from Rent My Dust Vintage Rentals

Tuesday Treasures is back this week at Rent My Dust vintage rentals!  Today we are so happy to show you some of the additions from last week's estate sale's.  We ventured into North Dallas for a cool estate sale where I found two awesome matched light blue chairs.  I just feel in love:)  Hope to use them one day when I redecorate my office but for now they are for rent....together or separate.  So what do ya think? For now just remember that we have lots of them and they are exceptionally beautiful.  Last but not least is two small silhouettes.  I saw these and had to have them.  They are of a boy and girl.  Thinking they would be cute used as a cake topper.  Thanks to Chelsea Carpenter of Southern Fried Paper for this inspiration:)