VINTAGE WEDDING TRENDS FOR 2012 ~ We love these!!

Rent My Dust Vintage Rentals is excited to see that the vintage trend in weddings will be going strong in 2012.  Through our research we have found some new trends for 2012 and some old trends that will be back in a different way.   From time to time we will blog about them to give our brides something different in vintage to think about for their wedding theme in 2012.  Yes, themes will be big in the upcoming year. 


Burlap, milk glass and lace will be back in 2012 but will be updated with a touch of color.  Try using a colored crocheted doily under your milk glass vases for an extra pop of color.   Use bright flowers so that your milk glass pops instead of muted flowers. 

Hot colors for 2012 will be bold bright colors.  Yellows will still be big but this year it will be paired with blues & grays.  More on color in an up coming blog post. 

Another Wedding tread for 2012 will be vintage colored bottles of all shapes and sizes.  This cool old bottles can be used on the table as flower vases or outside could be used as candle holders for taper or votive candles.  These make a beautiful statement and add color to any wedding or reception.  We also love this bright bottles paired with vintage books and other vintage items.