Teacups invoke a sense of sweetness & simple pleasures of bygone days!


Teacups invoke a sense of vintage style of bygone days and a sweetness that we do not see much anymore!  Do you remember your Grandmother using a fancy teacup or coffee cup with saucer?  I do!  When I was a little girl, I had a wonderful babysitter that was like a grandmother to me named, Mrs. Pearl Chaffin.  I adored her and she called me, "Miss Astor".  She always dressed to the "nines" in a dress with dangling earrings, gloves and even a hat.  We would go for tea or coffee to her friends homes and use the fancy cups.  I had to be a good girl but that was always easy to do because I adored Mrs. Chaffin and she adored me.  I loved being able to dress up and go with her on her visits.  Here is a photo of me all dressed up ready for tea all those years ago. 

Teacups and saucers are an easy way to add charm to any party, shower or event.  I have been seeing the cutest displays using them.  Here at Rent My Dust, we have many vintage tea or coffee cups and saucers ready for you to rent and use.  They are great for tea, coffee, flowers, candles or anything you would like to use them with.  They look charming mixed with vintage items like doilies or handkerchiefs on your table.