We have decided to dedicate every Tuesday's blog to the amazing vintage treasures that we get on the weekend or during our estate sale ventures the week before.  This way we can introduce some of our new items and then post them on our website.  This way it should be hard for you to miss any of our amazing new items!!!

The vintage very rustic wagon is not new to us but it has been in the back yard patiently waiting for us to fix it.   It is going to Houston this week for a photo shoot so we thought we would take some photos to share.  It is a great piece for photo shoots but it wouldn't be good to use it for events yet until it if fixed.  Where is a handyman when you need one?  

Our first estate sale find is this amazing fancy gold mirror.  Even Alice herself would love it!  We love this mirror because it isn't as heavy as other vintage mirrors so it can be easily displayed.  We think it would look amazing hanging from a tree or just about anywhere.  I have been thinking about painting it white.  What do you think white or gold?

We are crazy about vintage men's ties and these old vintage bow ties are amazing!!!!!  They are really from the 1940-50s.  The vintage cobalt blue beaded purse is gorgeous!!!  It just shimmers in the light with all those amazing beads all over it.  It would be perfect for any vintage wedding.  Have you thought of carrying a purse filled with flowers?   It is a very interesting thought!

Also new this week is our vintage large blue suitcases.  We have three and they are amazing and look great stacked together or apart.  Here at Rent My Dust Vintage Rentals, we can seem to get enough suitcases.  There is just so many wonderful things you can do with them.