This is one of those old vintage items that I have had for as long as I can remember.  It came out of my parents old lake cabin.  The other day I decided to clean it and low and behold I found something interesting.  There on the top was the word, "VICTORY" carved into the wood.  Now I knew this was an old piece and knew it was handmade but had never seen that before.  I am unsure if a child whittled "Victory" into the wood.  I like to think that someone used this potting table during World War 2 in their garden to help them remember why they were working so hard to make this wonderful garden.   They were one of the many that were helping out with the food effort during the war.  Feel free to post any thoughts that you might have below.  I know most of our veteran's from World War 2 have past on to another life, just like my own sweet Daddy.  I like to think of those soldiers each time I look at this table and think of what they had to give up in order that we could have freedom.  That is one thing to always remember, when you use something old, or something vintage, it has a past that brings more meaning to your special event.  I like to think of these pieces as enchanted with the lives that have used them before.  Hope you have enjoyed this post:) ~ Rita


My Daddy, Virgil Miller