Another Tuesday Treasure

Today's Tuesday Treasure is just one item.  I wanted to feature it all by itself because some of my Tuesday Treasures are over whelmed with so many items that many tend to get over-looked.  I could have one new item every day and still not post everything that we offer for rent.  Basically everything we own is for rent except one Radio and my Mary Poppins Cookie Jar.  But if one day you want to do a Mary Poppin's photo shoot or are inspired by Mary Poppins for your Bridal or Engagement session, call me first.  Cause I would be willing to do the styling for you and my Mary Poppins just might make an appearance:)

Introducing our small baking table from the 1940s.  It is incredible!  It has a porcelain top with painted white wooden legs.  It came with the original sticker still on the porelian top but my husband took it off:(  It is a great size for a small cake or accent table next to a cake or candy station.  There are so many wonderful uses.  It was recently used in a photo shoot by McGowen Images that we will blog later in the week, as a cake table.  (Styled & cake by Megan Bechtel!!!!!)  Very retro 1940s & 50s!  You will adore it too!